Other Important Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Other Important Benefits of Social Media Marketing

As committed in our previous blog, we now focus on some other benefits of Social Media Marketing.

Cost Savings

An effective social media marketing campaign can benefit your small business by providing you with proven, effective marketing strategies that can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of a more traditional advertising and marketing operation. No paper, no ink, no printing -it’s as easy as that. Creating a business Facebook page is simple and requires little if any technical effort. The service is free, and once established, you can buy Facebook fans to instantly populate your page or you can choose to grow organically through solid content and perseverance. Using Facebook for business is a simple, inexpensive marketing strategy that can have dramatic results.

Build Core Supporters

Small business success is predicated on building core supporters. These are the people who will choose your products or services over another every time. They are loyal, committed and dedicated to your business above any other. A blog with some great information or a few posts on a Facebook page or Twitter on a regular basis is an easy way to establish a network of loyal supporters who bring your organization new business by referring friends.

Here’s how it works. Posting comments or helpful information regularly lets your business interact directly with potential customers, building relationships. Consumers like this interaction because it feels “personal”. The logic is that the more interaction between consumer and business, the more loyalty develops, and a well-defined, targeted customer base begins to grow.

Build New Business Partnerships

Another terrific benefit to social media marketing is an increase in profitable business partnerships. Even for a small investment of time, small businesses in particular can create important cooperative relationships with other businesses that can be beneficial to both. The network of contacts created by your social media activity exposes your business to a variety of other related businesses that could complement your strategy.

The trick to ensuring a successful social media campaign is to know your target audience and communicate directly something of value to them. Keep the conversation two-way, personal and avoid automated responses. If it’s relevant to them, they will be more likely to engage. Remember, the strength of your campaign determines whether or not your target audience will seek out other social media channels where you have articles, press releases and important publications about your business.


Plan on investing some time. It’s easy, but it won’t happen overnight. At the very least, a successful SMM campaign will help you understand your customer better. At the very most, you can increase sales and conversions from your website and develop your brand. Take the time to invest in your customers and they will pay you back tenfold by spreading the word.

We also know it is difficult for companies to spend time on all this. This is where the role of specialist comes into play. We guarantee to take your website rankings to the first page in 3 months time—To know how we do it, talk to us now.

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Most Important Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Most Important Benefits of Social Media Marketing

In our previous blog, we were concentrating on the topic ” What can social media do for your company?”. Among the highlighted benefits, we are now trying to go more into the topic of the first two points.

Immediate Exposure Equals More Sales

Imagine your small business has been pursuing a Facebook campaign and has 40k “friends”. One single message posted on your page will reach every one of those friends, who may then decide to forward to their friends. All communication between the consumer and you gets passed on to others and business visibility increases exponentially. Immediate exposure to this many potential customers will likely increase your sales faster than any other traditional method. As people spread “tweets”, Facebook “likes” or post comments and communicate about your business, your brand gets visibility that can outperform a front page spread in the New York Times. This  important “word of mouth” advertising is critical for creating a buzz about your products and services. The beauty of social media is its ability to reach thousands of potential customers instantly- viral marketing at its best. For a small business, this translates into increased sales and more profit. The more customers you reach, the more product you sell.

Improved Search Engine Ranking

Let’s not forget about the benefit that comes from improved search engine ranking. A great website cannot help your small business without traffic or visitors. It’s all about search results. In fact, when using the internet to search for a business, most consumers don’t bother to read results past the first page. Your Facebook page, Twitter account and even a business blog provide backlinks to your website. These links are important for building your rank with the search engines, making it more likely that your website will be found when a user searches. Your site gets more traffic, you reach a larger targeted audience, your sales increase.

In our next blog, we will try to cover the other important benefits of social media. Stay tuned and stay connected.

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Develop Mobile Application at Best Rates

Develop Mobile App at Best Rates

WebandPortal.com’s expertise lies in creating mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackBerry, Android and Android tablet devices.

How we do it?

We have a unique approach that includes creating a full working prototype prior to writing the first line of code. Our prototype empowers your organization with the ability to see exactly how your app will function in a clickable PDF or HTML format. This consultative approach is unique and allows us to offer a fixed price vs. a time and materials billing format.

Our Experience:

Our client list reads like the who’s who of international business. Our mobile technology has been used extensively by businesses. In fact, in our journey of mobile application development, we have developed applications for the following purpose:

  • Advertising
  • Business Service
  • Communication Apps
  • Educational Apps
  • Finance Apps
  • Games and Entertainment Apps
  • Medical and Fitness Apps
  • Mobile Health (mHealth)
  • Music and Video Apps
  • News Apps
  • Social Networking and Blogging Apps

What’s more, apart from your mobile application development, we can assist your efforts to promote it via our effective marketing strategies which have helped our clients tremendously in their business operations.

It’s time for you to make use of our expertise and let your business presence felt in the mobile apps technology. Call us now to schedule a meeting.

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What can Social Media Marketing do for your company??

What can Social Media Marketing do for your company??

For many small businesses, coming up with successful marketing strategies can be challenging. Over the past decade, the unprecedented growth of social media through sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has opened up new possibilities for businesses that ten years ago were unimaginable. Social media marketing, used effectively, can increase exposure, improve sales and ultimately make you more money. These benefits are attainable for even the smallest of businesses and can be met inexpensively and practically overnight.

Social media marketing benefits businesses by providing an opportunity to interact directly with potential customers, gaining their trust, loyalty and business. It provides the networking capabilities that allow your business to reach thousands of consumers in an instant, increasing sales and building a dedicated customer base that will choose your products or services over another. A proven method for connecting with target markets and building brand recognition, social media marketing is based on the premise that creating engaging, interactive content will encourage people to share your business with everyone they know.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Immediate Exposure Equals More Sales
  • Improved Search Engine Ranking
  • Cost Savings
  • Build Core Supporters                                      
  • Build New Business Partnerships

For small businesses, a well designed social media marketing campaign can have tremendous benefits including:

ü  Increased exposure for your business (precisely what small business needs)

ü  Improved sales (more customers equals more sales)

ü  cost savings (SMM saves you money over more traditional marketing approach)

ü  Improved search engine rankings (generates more traffic to your site, more visibility equals more sales)

ü  Builds core supporters (important for any small business to gain credibility and legitimacy).

Contact us today to know how your business can achieve success via our specialized services.

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Have you implemented the right SEO for your websites?

Have you implemented the right SEO for your websites?

WebandPortal.com has vast knowledge of SEO techniques satisfying innumerable clients across the globe. We have worked with several SEO providers as their strategy and consultancy partner in web IT space. Through our years of experience, we have taken website presence to the next level by providing prompt and terrific results to our clients.

Our team of experts has in depth knowledge of SEO domain, the current being on Panda and Penguin.  With our expertise, we love beating search engine’s algorithms and put websites on top of search engines with our in-depth and crackerjack SEO skills.

Some of the main expertise in SEO capabilities of each segment is listed below:

Keyword analysis using the following tools:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Keyword Tool
  • Link Assistant
  • Market Samurai

Link building experience using the following methods:

  • Article Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Blogging
  • Directory Submission
  • Forum Posting
  • Guest Posting
  • Press Release Syndication
  • RSS Feeds Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Video Creation
  • Web 2.0 Creation

Apart from these, we also have experience of using the following tools:

  • Animoto
  • Article Marketing Automation
  • AutoResponders – Aweber, Vertical Response
  • Best Spinner
  • Bruteforce
  • CLAD Genius
  • Comment Kahuna
  • Conduit ToolBar Creation
  • Craigslist Parser
  • Glock Blog Finder
  • Magic Submitter
  • Scrapebox
  • SEnuke
  • SERPAssist
  • Spin Profit
  • Traffic Geyser
  • Tubemogul
  • UAW (Unique Article Wizard)
  • Xrumer

We believe that with our vast experience and knowledge, courtesy our very capable team, we are well suited to the goals of your company. So avail our services to take your web presence to the next level.


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