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Luxury Finishes That Improve The Value of Your Home – 2022 Guide

by Dianne Ernst

A house with superior finishes is attractive and highly valuable in the property market. Your bathroom vanities, kitchen floors, and pavements need the most luxurious finishes at an affordable cost.

While there are many materials you can choose from, natural substances such as natural stone are typically preferred for several reasons. These materials have a unique pattern, exemplary colors, and greater strength properties. At the same time, you will spend little time and money to maintain these luxury finishes. So, what are the main luxury finishes that will increase the value of your home?


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Travertine has been a common home finishing material for many years. Its mere presence creates an environment of luxury and contemporary beauty. Travertine can be seen in cathedrals, malls, and high-rise buildings.

Similarly, the material has rare patterns and colors that bring life to any interior or exterior decor. It doesn’t matter whether you are using it in a traditional bungalow or a townhouse- you will still get that touch of luxury from travel time. Most bakeries use travertine because it maintains low temperatures, even in places with high heat.

When you are choosing travertine for your countertops or other types of finishes in your home, there are some things you’ll need to understand. On Saturnia Travertini we can learn that while travertine remains a popular and luxurious material, it is non-porous and heavy. In some cases, travertine can react with certain acids. Consequently, you should prepare for extensive stains and scratching when you use travertine in your kitchen. However, you can avoid these problems by sealing the material or conducting regular maintenance exercises.

When you walk into a kitchen with travertine countertops or floors, your first focus will be on the highly polished material. It will be shining from a distance and creating a reflective surface. If you’re still concerned about acid damage, there are specific choices that can mute the effects of acids.

Because travertine is a soft and porous natural stone, you will need to conduct regular maintenance operations. As a rule of the thumb, you will need to seal the surface twice every year.

It would help if you cleaned the countertops every day to remove any spills accumulated on the surface. Most homeowners use hot water and mild bleach. It is not a good idea to clean your countertops by using vinegar or ammonia-based cleaning detergents. In case you noticed that the stains are too expensive, you should seek an expert cleaning company’s services.


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Homeowners and interior design decorators prefer Etrusco because it comes in many patterns and colors. When you use it to finish your home, you can expect it to stay there for many years to come. Similarly, Etrusco is one of the most affordable luxury home finishes.

Etrusco is derived from natural stone material. The natural stone particles are exposed to high temperatures during the formation of Etrusco. This gives the material its famous speckled appearance. The process also makes the substance durable and heat resistant. Each tile or slab of Etrusco is highly aesthetic and will create a beautiful home.

There are many places in your home where you can use Etrusco finishes. For example, you can use the material to create a luxurious countertop finish. This will transform your kitchen and living rooms. At the same time, you can use the material to redecorate your floors. Due to its versatility and flexibility, Etrusco allows you to combine it with other materials. For example, you can combine it with travertine or marble materials.

Generally, the process of caring for your Etrusco countertops and floors is not complicated. However, it would be best if you sealed the floors and countertops twice every year. Also, it will be wise to avoid the use of acids such as lemon and vinegar on an Etrusco finish.

Quartzite Natural Stone

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One of the most durable types of natural stones is quartzite. The material has a luxurious look, and it resembles marble. That is because it has conspicuous veins throughout its structure. Since quartzite is part of the metamorphic rock family, it has extensive heat-resistant properties.

These properties are derived from the many years that the material spends in underground quarries. Another key feature of quartzite is that it is generally heavier than most other types of natural stones. The higher density means that it can be a good material for pavements and driveways.

You may have seen some kitchens with quartzite countertops. There is no doubt that you are mesmerized by the wide range of colors and patterns produced by the material. Most people are attracted to the elegant and luxurious appearance that is reinforced by the fine-grained material. Moreover, quartzite has acidic resistance properties and does not scratch easily. This makes it a very popular luxury finishing material in the kitchen.

You can choose from a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns. Some people prefer a leather finish, while others think that a polished finish is better. Either way, your choice will revolutionize the beauty of your kitchen.

Although quartzites do not easily stain, you should still take measures to protect them. Consequently, regular sealing should be conducted to protect the material from scratch and wear.

Biancο Maremma

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Nothing brings out that luxury finish like a Biancο Maremma countertop. That is because the material combines the attractive elements of nature and imaginative designs. You can select a style that enhances purity, beauty, and durability in your kitchen. If you find a professional to lay that material, the look of your home will change dramatically. Alternatively, you can use Biancο Maremma to highlight certain parts of your house.

Luxury is not the only thing that Biancο Maremma introduces in your home. A robust and heat-resistant surface is also part of the rewards you receive. Moreover, caring for your countertops and floors will be a straight-forward process.

Final Take

Everybody wants to live in a luxury home. However, if you don’t plan the renovation properly, you may end up spending money on uninspiring home finishes. You can use these tips to create luxury home finishes.

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